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Chen Chung pleaded

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center of the capital area. It is understood that the day is  became vice mayor of Beijing Public Security Bureau for the first time to face the media after a public appearance. April 2, Bengbu City Intermediate People's Court public hearing, the hearing of the Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress, former deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, former chairman of Chen Chung bribery case. A total of 25 public indictment accused Chen of taking bribes from the fact that the property involved in a total of RMB 810 million yuan. Chen Chung pleaded guilty in court, penitence. After the trial court adjourned the trial, scheduled for sentencing.810 million yuan in bribes propertyYesterday 8:30, Bengbu Court held a public hearing accused Chen Chung bribery case. The presiding judge ansalomon xt hornet salenounced the start of the court investigation, the prosecutor read the indictment.Bengbu Municipal People's Procuratorate prosecution allegations, in early 1996 to August 2013, the defendant Chen Chung used his position as a Bridge Group Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, Jiangxi Majestic Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and other units and individuals in applying for bank loans, contract engineering, position and other aspects of adjustment to help. The second half of 1996 to November 2013, Chen Chung

directly or through its special relationship Luo Shumei, Li Ling, Wen Huijun, illegally accepting Bridge Group Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Special Economic Zone director Ru bridge, Jiangxi Majestic Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Legal representative Cheng Changren other 29 people who give the property a total of RMB 810 million yuan, taking bribes should be prosecuted criminally Chen congregation.January 1954 Born on 22 in Changsha, Hunan Province Chen Chung, Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress, former deputy director of the incident, Jiangxi Federation of Trade Unions President. Former deputy secretary, deputy mayor, the mayor, the CPC Jiangxi Province, Jingdezhen Mayor, Communist Party secretary of Jiangxi Pingxiang, Jiujiang Municipal Committee, Vice Chairman of the CPC Jiangxi Province, Hengyang City, Hunan Province. Suspicion of bribes was detained on May 20, 2014, the same yea salomon speedcross 3 cs cheapr, was arrested June 2.Briber including several local officialsA total of 25 public indictment accused Chen of taking bribes from the fact that, where a number of them from a local official who, among the biggest former county party secretary from Lotus Moumou, 10 times in total 300,000 yuan.In addition, Pingxiang Municipal former Secretary-General Chen Yan Moumou four times to give the public a total of 182,000 yuan RMB;

Pingxiang City Anyuan District, former secretary Huang Moumou total of nine times to send 140,000 yuan, $ 04,000; Anyuan District Pingxiang former head of the People's Government sent a total of six times Moumou 182,000 yuan; Pingxiang City Forestry Bureau, former director of a total of seven times Moumou sent 160,000 yuan; Liu XX, either directly or through, the former deputy director of the Municipal Office Pingxiang Xiao Moumou total of 14 times to give 53,000 yuan, 00,500 US dollars.Ruichang County Public Security Bureau, former director of a total of nine times so and so easy to give 23,000 yuan, 02,000 US dollars, the value of 40,000 yuan of "Rolex" watches one.Jiujiang City Zhelin Lake Scenic Area Management Committee, former director Zhou three times to give a total of 100,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan worth of "Galactic Peace International Hotel," a consumer card.Received a large anike air max 97 cheapmount of corporate bribery more oftenAccording to the complaint, Chen Chung accepting bribes large amounts of business, more often, and in addition to cash, also includes a variety of valuable property.Corporate bribery, the largest amount for the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Bridge Group Co. bribes of more than 200 million. Indictment, Chen Chung directly or accepting the company Ru Ko, a new Ru, Ru-hui a, Ru over a

will continue to actively

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 receiving organization investigation," the message, and published the article "unequivocally opposed to corruption, further promote the anti-corruption" and that "we must resolutely uphold the SASAC discipline inspection commission decided to continue to further promote the anti-corruption corruption construction, will continue to actively work with the patrol, "Yesterday, the Beijing municipal government announced that since April  nike air max thea 2 cheap11, 2015 to April 10, 2016, Beijing continued to implement measures to limit the tail number of days the vehicle, and time limit for 7:00 to 20:00, in the range of road within the Fifth Ring Road (excluding the Fifth Ring Road). To encourage the use of pure electric vehicles, this year's limit line measures mentioned, pure electric passenger cars will not affect the tail number limit line, the specific implementation released by the Traffic Management Bureau.Tail number limit line continues to implementAccording to "People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law" and the relevant provisions of the "Beijing Air Pollution Prevention Act," the Beijing municipal government decided April 11, 2015 to April 10, 2016 (due to holidays and vacation days off adjustment for work Saturdays, Sundays excepted), Beijing continue working vehicle tail number limit line measures,

and time limit for 7:00 to 20:00, in the range of road within the Fifth Ring Road (excluding the Fifth Ring Road).Among them, the central state onike air max 2015 salergans, the administrative area of ??the city, the city party and government organs at all levels, the central city-owned and community groups, institutions and state-owned enterprises in the official car license plate number ending weekly suspended (0:00 day to 24 pm), the range of the city administrative area roads.Provinces, regions and municipalities of Beijing Traffic Management vehicle, according to the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission to perform, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau relevant provisions. Reporters learned that Beijing is not only a vehicle other provinces to follow the tail number limit line measures, and 7:00 to 9:00, 17:00 to 20:00 on weekdays may not enter the inner rings (inclusive).Any line of pure electric passenger carsIt is worth noting that this year's limit line measures mentioned, pure electric passenger cars (with rechargeable battery as the sole power source, by a motor-driven minibus) from weekday rush hour limit line area traffic management measures to limit the specific execution time by Municipal Public Security Traffic Management announced separately.Beijing Times reporter

noted, and when talking about measures to limit the purpose of last year's presentation is "to reduce automobile emissions and ensure smooth traffic safety capital", but this year only express reference to "To effectively reduce emissions of motor vehicles, continued to improve air quality in the capital. " askBuy a pure electric car if need Yaohao Since the reporter learned from the implementation of a pure electric car Yaohaonike air max 1 online on licensing policy, the number of applicants is often less than the license plate Yaohao supply index number, a pure electric car brand is often "do not shake contented."Since last year, the pure electric passenger cars began Yaohao on licensing policy, but a lot of people reflect pure electric vehicle charging pile installation difficulties, charging out is not easy. In addition, the pure electric car price is also lower than ordinary passenger cars, mileage is also limited.2 "directed release" will not be clogging up Department of Transportation official said, let go the limit line is designed to encourage people to buy electric cars, which is from the perspective of air pollution control. Well, it will not affect the pure electric car is not limited to the line after the traffic it  Last year, Beijing indicators supply pure electric vehicles total 20,000, but in the end

To promote the village as

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weyuan reward. [Microphone] Please Huxiangzhuangao! Report Tel: 0663-2222110In recent days, Puning sent nine working groups stationed flow Buchanan streets horse gate near the village of 400 people, villages and households are listening to the reasonable demands of the masses, for the masses to dispel misunderstanding, to dispose of the horse gate flow Buchanan Street Village mass petition problems. Currently, the team has been formed to build the horse gate village level groups, a decision to resume land illegally occupied land related sectors.To promote the village as soon as possible to get the horse gate properly disposed of, the city was held on November 22 special work meeting devoted to the various units throughout the city to deploy elite forces, the various sets of municipa  nike air max 2015 mens   l leaders personally headed the team, composed of nine village into families working group, to do mass ideological work, straighten their feelings, listen to understand fully the reasonable demands of the masses, and actively help them solve practical problems reflect. Currently, the Puning Municipal deployed in the city streets and horse Shanan flow gate membership of public officials in 11 village-level cadres formed gate horse team to build the group, stationed in the village to build the village leadership; city

departments have been made to recover the land illegally occupied 11 decision parcels of land, other work is being actively and steadily advancing. A reporter asked, it was reported that two US military aircraft on the 1st Tainan airport landing due to a technical fault. What is your comment Hua Chunying, we have noticed relevant reports, has made solemn representations. China demands that the United States abide by the one China policy and the three Sino-US joint communiques, prudently and properly handle relevant issuenike air max thea 2 menss, to prevent similar incidents from happening again.According to the "Reference News" quoted the Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's military confirmed that at 13:19 on April 1, F-18 fighter group landed two times in Tainan, the investigation department where the 2nd machine due to mechanical factors abnormal. Taiwan side said it was out of humanitarian grounds and in accordance with international management, assist US aircraft landed, troubleshooting, the United States will send experts to repair aircraft. Taiwan's civil aviation agency said the US aircraft was issued on behalf of emergency "7700" signal, because of its over southern Taiwan, Taiwan's total flight service station please Kaohsiung help guide its landing approach Taiwan Tainan Airport. Yesterday, a reporter asked, it was reported that Pakistan will buy Chinese eight submarines. In this regard, Hua Chunying said China and Pakistan are traditional friendly neighbors, the two sides have

maintained normal military and military trade cooperation, consistent principles for cooperation is not in violation of international treaties, in line with Chinese military exports. Pakistani officials have recently visited China for whether the submarine from, Hua Chunying said:. "No information in this regard."According to Reference News Network quoted foreign media reports, the Pakistani government approved a purcnike air max 90 mens   hase from China eight submarines agreement. Although Pakistan Navy officials declined to disclose the price or submarine models, but they confirmed that a parliamentary defense committee hearing held in Islamabad made a "principle" decision. Some analysts said that this will be the biggest arms sale contract between the two countries, will also be China's biggest arms export deal to date.Xi Jinping's visit to Pakistan and Pakistan are communicating yearsIn addition, the media spokesman confirmed the exact date please President Xi Jinping will visit Pakistan in the near future. In this regard, Hua Chunying said President Xi Jinping looking for a state visit to Pakistan as early as possible during the year, the

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